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Should I consider a 360 Virtual Tour to help sell my Fresno home?

With how quickly technology advances, it seems that there is always a something new to help with the marketing of homes. Although 360 virtual tours have been around for some time now, to some they may still seem like the latest “hot trend”.

Frequently I am asked by real estate agents, “Why do I need to do a 360 Virtual Tour? I’d rather have buyers come to see the home in person.”

This is a valid question. The answer lies in the process of modern home sales. Naturally, the primary objective for agents is to get people to view a home then, make an offer on it. Taking it a step at a time, let’s look first at what it means to have potential buyers view the home in the first place.

When word arrives that someone wants to come view a home for sale, it’s a great feeling--at first. Many sellers have admitted to the fantasy of having someone walk through their home and immediately offering more than the asking price. But then logistics set in. The family has to pack up, move out and find something to do for an hour. Worse, timing is always the enemy—that friendly couple who just got off work and now wants to walk through the house is arriving right at the time that mom would normally be cooking dinner. What an inconvenience!

We could tell these potential buyers to come back another day, but let’s face it, with as many homes for sale as there are out there today, that day may never come. What if that potential buyer was just “kicking tires” and this home was just a check off on the list of multiple homes they were traveling to view? Nothing is worse than getting everything painstakingly ready only to discover that the potential buyers were only in your home for a short few minutes and left just as quick as they came, with no intent on making an offer. But what if there was a better way? There is. A 360 virtual tour can help with all of these potential issues. But how?

First, a 360 Virtual Tour can help potential buyers get a “feel” of your home. When people first view a 360 virtual tour, they immediately have an understanding of the layout and aesthetics of your home. This will cut down on some of the “tire kickers” out there that are only wasting their—and your—valuable time. If a request comes in for an in-person walk through of the home, it’s simple to ask, “Oh great! Have they already viewed the virtual tour?” If they have, then you can get excited because it means that your home has made their short list. There’s a chance that they could be that one buyer you have been waiting for! If they haven’t viewed the tour, you can tell them that it’s available to view 24 hours a day, right from the comfort of their own home! Maybe they fall in love with the home and want to come see it in person. Great! Maybe they will see that your home wasn’t a fit for them, and that’s okay! At least you didn’t have to stop in the middle of your delicious five course meal for a walk through that will eventually lead to nothing.

Another beneficial factor of having a 360 virtual tour of your home is that it may not always be possible to get a busy husband and wife or family to all be able to view your home at the same time. I’ve had many couples put in offers on a home when only one of them has actually gone in person to see the property while the other gave their stamp of approval after viewing the 360 Virtual Tour! This is where marketing with a 360 virtual tour can really help. Considering how competitive the real estate market is, a potential buyer couple may not have time to both come see the home in person, which may cause them to hold off on putting in an offer.

Here are a few tips to get your home ready for a 360 virtual tour.

1. Remove all personal or sensitive items in your home that you don’t want people to view. This could include personal effects or family photos.

2. Replace broken or dim light bulbs. It’s important to make sure that your home is well lit. We want the 360 tour to be bright and airy, not dim and gloomy.

3. Clean & repair. Make sure your home is clean and that any repairs that need to be done are complete. We want people to envision themselves in your home, so it’s important to make sure your home is clean and welcoming. Declutter, and see to it that your home presents itself in the best light possible.

4. Don’t forget the outside! One of the great things about a 360 tour is that it can showcase both the inside and the outside of your home! Have an amazing backyard that you’d love to show off? With our Fresno summers, a lot of homes have crystal clear swimming pools. Being able to show a potential buyer features like this in a high detail 360 virtual tour might just be the key to setting your home apart from the rest!

5. Share your tour! Your 360 virtual tour is viewable on any device, including mobile devices! This makes it easy for agents to share your tour with potential buyers.

A 360 virtual tour can be a highly effective tool in marketing your home. It may be the differentiator for a potential buyer that is deciding between your home and another home on their list. Since it’s also great at weeding out “tire kickers”, sellers love 360 tours too!

What can a 360 tour do for your listing?

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